Protect Your Pets from Dangerous Toxins

A new online guide, called Green Paws, ranks flea and tick products.

Protect Your Pets from Dangerous Toxins
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To help you protect your pet from fleas and ticks without exposing them to harmful chemicals, the National Resources Defense Council (a nonprofit environmental organization) has created an online guide to more than 100 pest-control products for pets, ranking them according to how toxic their ingredients are. Products marked with a yellow paw (like Hartz UltraGuard One Spot Treatment for Cats and Kittens) are made with the least toxic chemicals and the safest to use. You can also download the pocket guide version and use it as a reference while you shop.

You’ll be doing your pet and yourself a favor: Since 2003, the Center for Public Integrity has linked at least 1,600 pet deaths in the U.S. to the use of pest treatments that contain pesticides known as pyrethroids. Additionally, studies have connected these chemicals to a slew of human health conditions—including allergies, asthma, and cancer—especially in children and pregnant women. Now the NRDC is petitioning the Environmental Protection Agency to take products with these chemicals off the market. You can support its efforts by signing and sending this letter to the EPA. The NRDC is also distributing free kits with fact sheets and window displays to give to your veterinarian, groomer, or kennel; go to here to request yours.