A Litter Box of One's Own

It may sound excessive, but it’s best to have a litter box for each cat in your home.

A Litter Box of One's Own
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It may sound excessive, but it’s best to have a box for each cat plus one additional box, placed in separate locations around the house. “It’s important for cats to be able to keep some distance from each other in order to coexist peacefully,” says Kelly Ballantyne, D.V.M., of the Chicago Center for Veterinary Medicine. Studies have shown that when sharing a room, cats prefer to keep a distance of 3 to 10 feet from each other, both horizontally and vertically. “If cats are forced into close contact because they both need to use the litter area at the same time, it may create conflict between them, resulting in stress and anxiety,” Ballantyne says. This, in turn, could result in one or both cats choosing to do their business elsewhere, and if there are no other litter boxes available, things could get messy.


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