Let That Bunny Hop!

Rabbits need daily exercise to thrive.

Let That Bunny Hop!
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Q: Is it OK to leave my rabbit in a hutch day and night, or does he need exercise?

“Rabbits definitely need daily activity,” says Erin Harrison, D.V.M., professor at the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph in Canada. Set up a safe exercise enclosure (large baby play-area fencing works well), either inside or out, so your bunny can run and stretch at least once a day under your supervision. Harrison suggests playing foraging games: Stuff paper towel or toilet paper rolls with hay for your bunny to dig out, or hide bits of dried pineapple or papaya in twists of paper. “Rabbits are natural foragers, and this type of play will provide mental stimulation as well as physical activity,” says Harrison. If daily bunny workouts are too impractical, at least house your rabbit in a multilevel, large enclosure with ramps so he can move around. “Small, confined spaces encourage obesity, sore hocks and even arthritis,” Harrison adds.