Increase Your Pet's Energy with Homeopathic Treatments

Many remedies developed for people often work on pets too.

 Increase Your Pet's Energy with Homeopathic Treatments
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First find out why your pet is sluggish. A homeopathic veterinarian will do a thorough examination and ask lots of questions about your pet (how is she not herself, does she like warmth or coolness, does she chew on paper or plastic, etc.) to determine her needs. If you can’t arrange for a consultation, try one of the three remedies listed below acccording to your pet’s symptoms. Look for them at health food stores or independent pharmacies. (The products normally sold for people are perfectly safe for animals.)

Arnica montana. If your pet is lethargic due to pain from an acute injury, administer Arnica orally (as drops or pellets on the tongue) to speed healing and decrease pain and bruising.

Arsenicum album. If your pet is vomiting or has diarrhea, and has become ill or fatigued from eating spoiled food or garbage, place one or two of these fast-acting pellets on her tongue.

Apis mellifica. For acute pain with redness and swelling, try this emergency pain reliever (commonly used to treat bee stings). Just put a few of these pellets on her tongue and she should feel better within 20 seconds.

Be sure to see a homeopathic vet if you don’t see a response within a day or two. And remember, if your pet has been lethargic for some time, it’s likely from a chronic condition that needs professional help. Don’t try to diagnose your pet’s problems on your own. Check the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy’s website for more.