Green Kitty Litter

Keep your cat's litter box clean and safe.

Green Kitty Litter
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Swheat Scoop ($10 for 14 pounds; available at major pet stores and online at shops such as is biodegradable and made from nonfood–grade wheat; it is also flushable, and unused litter can be composted in your backyard. Other types of kitty litter that decay organically are made from corncobs, newspaper, or sawdust pellets. But stay away from clay–based litters–they do not decompose.

Boxes and liners
Swheat Scoop also makes biodegradable litter boxes–perfect for travel with the cats. You can also pick up BioBag Cat Pan Liners ($8 for 10 bags; bio, made from corn and a good choice if you wish to discard the litter in the trash.

Keep kids away from kitty litter. Cat feces may contain a parasite that causes a serious infection called toxoplasmosis, characterized by flu–like symptoms or no symptoms. Humans pick up the parasite by ingesting or, in rare cases, inhaling it in its egg–like stage.

Clean out your litter box every 24 hours, always wash your hands afterward, and never compost used kitty litter: The parasite can live in soil for years and survive composting. Toxoplasmosis can be fatal to children under 2 and is of serious concern for pregnant women and people with compromised immune systems.