Mind & Body

Peace of mind

Peace of mind If you always feel anxious and stressed, you may have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Here's how to...

Simply Celebrate

Simply Celebrate Stay in the moment this season and you'll eat, spend and stress less, and create a more authentic...

Personal Touch

Personal Touch Yoga therapists use breath, movement, and words to help you heal and find balance.

Scaling Down

Scaling Down Losing weight may be more about what's going on in your head than about what's on your plate.

Calm Yourself

Calm Yourself Restorative yoga can ease anxiety by relaxing your body and mind.

Ease Your Pain

Ease Your Pain A troubled mind can lead to an achy body. Free your mind and your body will follow.

Into the Flow

Into the Flow Wu Ming, a form of qigong, helps promote breast health and ease the anxiety associated with...

Color Your World

Color Your World Vivid hues can brighten mood, kindle creativity, and boost concentration. Try these simple ways...

Get Tuned In

Get Tuned In Enjoying your favorite music for a few minutes a day can activate the pleasure centers in your...

Finding Flow

Finding Flow Learn the ancient exercise of tai chi to ease stress, tame tension, and calm your mind.

Reiki's Healing Touch

Reiki's Healing Touch This energy technique revitalizes mind and body, banishes stress, and mends aches and pains. You...

Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil Verbal sparring is exhausting and ineffective. Learn to communicate with compassion and you'll...