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While You Were Sleeping

What do your dreams tell you? Here’s how to delve into your night visions and figure out what they really mean.

While You Were Sleeping
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How to start a dream group
Justina Lasley is the author of Honoring the Dream: A Handbook for Dream Group Leaders (dreamsynergy.org) and offers these tips for creating a safe, fun and productive environment for discussing dreams.

Have confidence Anyone is qualified to lead a dream group, says lasley. “all you need to do is honor the dreamer, the dream itself, and the group as a whole.” (you can find ethical guidelines for running a dream group at iasdreams.org.)

Keep it small Make sure everyone has time to be heard. the ideal group has five to eight members.

Set a clear timetable Agree on a regular meeting time and a specific number of sessions. at the last session, the group may decide to continue, but having a clear beginning and ending gives the group “a regular rhythm of self-reflection and self-examination.”

Honor the dream Listeners should respond to each dream as if it were their own. such a “projective” approach not only honors the multiple meanings that a dream contains, but also acts as a “safety net” against accusatory or defensive comments.

Stay fresh If the group starts to feel stale, bring in new techniques. Read books to learn innovative approaches, attend dream workshops, or hire a professional dream worker as a guest facilitator.