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While You Were Sleeping

What do your dreams tell you? Here’s how to delve into your night visions and figure out what they really mean.

While You Were Sleeping
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A safe place for change
Justina Lasley, founder and director of the Institute for Dream Studies in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina and the creator of DreamSynergy, says these dream groups are safe, efficient and effective environments for personal transformation.

“When we try to make changes, the first glimpse of that change often comes in a dream, and the group is a safe place to try out being like that,” she explains. Personal change often has a ripple effect on the dreamer’s friends and family, who then become empowered to make positive changes of their own.

For Taylor, a long-time social activist, the power of dreams to reach out to the community is what makes him so excited about the work. “The language of the dream is universal,” he says, referring to the common images and feelings that come up in our dreams. “If you can encourage people to share their dreams with each other, and teach them the simple steps for new ways to explore them, people realize that they are more connected to each other than they thought,” Taylor explains. Starting the conversation is the first step toward that connectedness.