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Stop Eating Your Feelings

Turning to food for emotional reasons can lead to all kinds of health problems. Find out how to get a handle on it.
Stop Eating Your Feelings
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Are you an emotional eater?
Rate these statements on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being “strongly disagree” and 5 being “strongly agree.”
___ 1. Fatty, salty foods help me de-stress.
___ 2. Eating something soothes my anger.
___ 3. A great dinner enhances my happiness.
___ 4. Snacking helps me pass the time.
___ 5. I turn to sweets when feeling sad.
___ 6. I eat more when life feels out of control.
___ 7. I often feel guilty after eating.

7-14: You are probably not an emotional eater.
15-25: You are an occasional emotional eater.
26-35: emotional eating may be compromising your quality of life.