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Stalled sex drive?

Ladies, restart your engines with these natural remedies.

Stalled sex drive?
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How virile are the natural libido-boosting products? Our group of No Sex and the City 40-somethings took them for a spin and reported back with these results:

1. Hot Plants For Her contains maca and catuaba.
Dose: One to two tablets daily. ($33 for 60 capsules; enzymatictherapy.com)
Our test-driver says: “I knew it was working when I found myself booing the TV as Avery put his shirt back on during Grey’s Anatomy.”

2. Emerita Libido Formula contains damiana leaf and muira puama.
Dose: One tablet daily. ($16 for 30 tablets; emerita.com)
Our test-driver says: “I had sex on the brain for the first time since my son was born.”

3. Intimate Response contains L-arginine, horny goat weed and yohimbe bark extract.
Dose: One to two tablets daily for no more than 30 days at a time. ($11 for 30 tablets; sourcenaturals.com)
Our test-driver says: “I wasn’t instantly transformed into a horny cougar, but I did see my libido increase after about a month.”

4. ArginMax for Women contains L-arginine and damiana leaf.
Dose: Three capsules daily ($40 for 180 capsules; arginmax.com)
Our test-driver says: “Within two weeks, I started initiating sex again, and my orgasms were more intense than they’d been in years.”