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Sexual Healing

Nearly half of the women in the U.S. report problems in the bedroom. Happily, effective natural remedies can help you get your groove back.

Sexual Healing
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Jennifer Justice, 34, of Doylestown, Pa., takes medications for chronic pain. When her soldier husband returned from a year of deployment in Afghanistan, she was dismayed to find that while she wanted sex and was able to get aroused, she was no longer able to have orgasms. For many other women, the problem stems less from a medical condition and more from a miscommunication with their partner or misinformation about how their own orgasms occur.

Massage down below
Zestra, a botanical arousal oil that increases sensitivity and sensation when applied to the vaginal area, worked for Justice. ($50 for 12 individual packs; zestra.com)

Seek help from Eros Not the love god but the NuGyn Eros Therapy device, a small gadget that draws blood to the clitoris. It’s available by prescription, FDA-approved and covered by some insurance plans. ($400; eros-therapy.com)

Experiment solo or together Masturbating or using a vibrator might help you find your triggers. “Some women only climax with manual stimulation,” says Naughton.