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Sexual Healing

Nearly half of the women in the U.S. report problems in the bedroom. Happily, effective natural remedies can help you get your groove back.
Sexual Healing
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Sometimes, the spirit is willing but the flesh just doesn’t respond. No matter how diligently you and your partner work at it, you don’t lubricate and your clitoris doesn’t swell and become sensitized. This is the female equivalent of erectile dysfunction.

Try L-arginine Like Viagra, this amino acid produces nitric oxide, which helps relax muscles and widen blood vessels to help get the body ready for sex. ArginMax for Women combines L-arginine with circulating-enhancing extracts of Korean ginseng, ginkgo and Damiana ($25 for a one- month supply; arginmax.com). Dream Cream, an L-arginine-based lotion, also claims to increase arousal. ($50 for 1 ounce; dreamcream.com)

Play around with sex toys A number of manufacturers now produce safe and green versions. Look for those made from silicone (pleasuremenow.com), Pyrex glass (glassfantasy.com), stainless steel (njoytoys.com) or wood (nobessence .com). All can be easily washed, a must after every use.

Find inspiration Check out adult sex education DVDs or female-friendly erotica available at ellorascave.com.