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The Secret to Feeling Centered

No time to meditate? Weave a practice into your workday.
The Secret to Feeling Centered
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My Meditation: Sorting Parsley
I have a few things that relax me when I cook, usually monotonous tasks like picking herbs. Of all of the herbs, parsley is the most satisfying. First you take off the ties. then you look at each leaf: Is it worth serving? Is it brown? We use a lot of parsley at the restaurant, so part of the reason it soothes me is the quantity. If I pick just one bunch for a few minutes, it won’t get me in a meditative state, but six will. And because parsley is pretty hardy and you can’t crush it, it works best to calm me— versus, say, tarragon, which is delicate to sort through. It also helps that parsley is so green, so vibrant. I think if it were beige, it wouldn’t relax me the same way. So it’s the color, plus the repetitive motion of sorting the leaves. On a hectic day, sorting parsley makes me stop.—Naomi Pomeroy, chef and owner of Beast Restaurant, Portland, Oregon