Mind & Body

Write and Heal

Write and Heal To reduce stress and find inner peace, sharpen a pencil and start writing.

Happy New You!

Happy New You! Bust out of the blues and infuse your life with joy. Let one (or all) of our healing exercises do...

What's Eating You?

What's Eating You? The next time you devour a pint of ice cream at midnight, don’t beat yourself up and start...

Sleep Supporters

Sleep Supporters Put away your pills and roll out your yoga mat. These yoga poses help relieve insomnia.

Heal Your Pain

Heal Your Pain Try one of these three energy-boosting practices to relieve tension, anxiety, and stress&mdash...

Calm Down

Calm Down Your best defense against stress and anxiety is a gentle yet effective qigong move.

Get Recharged

Get Recharged Flick on your energy switch and get centered with this ancient 10-minute yoga routine.

Find Your Bliss

Find Your Bliss Meditation comes in many forms. Choose the right one to reap the benefits.

Learn to Listen

Learn to Listen Master the art of listening and you'll be a better friend, co-worker, and person.

On Retreat

On Retreat As the pressures of life increase, more people are seeking meaning—and better health&mdash...

Pain Relief

Pain Relief Try these relaxing exercises to ease pain and improve your well–being.

Calming Vibe

Calming Vibe Reiki, a Japanese healing treatment, quiets the body and spirit by tapping into a "life force."

Document Your Moods

Document Your Moods Feeling low or irritated? Your hormones may be to blame. Natural treatments like taking herbs can...