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Mind Over Meltdown

Find out why some of us are immune to stress, while others buckle under pressure at the first opportunity
Mind Over Meltdown
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Just Say No
Don't take on every task that is asked of you; instead, reasonably guard and protect your time and energy. "You function best when your energy is very focused," explains Jim Loehr, Ed.D., co-author of The Power of Full Engagement. "The more you multitask, the more you split your energy signal and diminish your power and effectiveness."

Set Short-term Goals
Endless vacations are tempting, but not what we were designed for. As long as we aren't completely overburdened, meeting deadlines keeps us vibrant. "We are a mission-specific species," says Loehr. "When we no longer have a mission in front of us, our energy becomes increasingly chaotic and disorganized."

Set Long-term Goals
You might have a mission for today or this month, but do you know where you want to be in five or 10 years? Long-term goals provide focus and clarity. At the heart of goal setting is possessing a clear purpose in life. Determine what your purpose is--having a strong marriage, a fulfilling career, financial stability or deep spiritual connection--then map out steps that will help you achieve it.

Grow Up
Whether it's doing yoga, learning Spanish or making more time for the kids, getting what you want takes work. "Discipline comes from the willpower to make ourselves do the right thing just as we make our children do what they must do," declares Quick. Let the adult in you take control of your inner child, he says, "but be merciful on yourself when you fail."

Let Go
You don't have control over a co-worker's laziness or your infant's crying jags, but you can control your reaction to them, Acknowledging that certain things are beyond your dominion is a tremendous stress reliever. If you accept that your baby--like all babies--will cry, then her wails will aggravate you a lot less.