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Max Your Motivation

Want to become a new and improved you? Our quiz will help you pinpoint what inspires you to action and provide you with the tools to finally achieve your goals.

Max Your Motivation
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What’s your motivational M.O.? Find out by answering the following questions.

1. Friends would describe me as:
a) An overachiever and real go-getter
b) A social butterfly
c) Inquisitive and intellectual
d) Energized and always on the go

2. The statement your Facebook status updates most resemble is:
a) “Kicking butt and taking names!”
b) “I love you guys.”
c) “OK, people, what book should I read next?”
d) “Just went hang-gliding! What a rush!”

3. When you get to work in the morning, the first thing you do is:
a) Check your to-do list and start at the top.
b) Chat with your colleagues about what they did last night.
c) Scan the headlines of all the blogs in your RSS feed, then dive into what looks most intriguing.
d) Call an impromptu meeting to discuss a dozen new ideas that kept you up all night. 

4. At a farmers market, you:
a) Methodically purchase everything on your shopping list.
b) Stop to pet strangers’ dogs and catch up with neighbors.
c) Quiz the vendors about all the details of the who, what, where, when and why of their products.
d) Make a beeline for the chili pepper stand, sampling something called a “Trinidad Scorpion.”

5. You just took a serious spill on your bike and think you may have broken your ankle. You:
a) Call the doctor and demand to be seen immediately.
b) Tell your closest friend what happened and ask what she thinks you should do.
c) Go online and start researching “broken ankle.”
d) Tape up your injury and keep on riding.

6. You feel most confident about your career when:
a) You’re moving forward and making things happen.
b) You feel a sense of camaraderie with your colleagues.
c) You’re being challenged and stimulated in ever-changing ways.
d) You’re juggling 10 different tasks at once.

YOUR RESULTS} Ready for your motivation makeover? Simply look at which letter you chose most and click on the page that addresses those answers.