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Max Your Motivation

Want to become a new and improved you? Our quiz will help you pinpoint what inspires you to action and provide you with the tools to finally achieve your goals.

Max Your Motivation
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When 35-year-old Farah Balaghi of Spring Valley, Calif., looked in the mirror six years ago, she hardly recognized the person she had become. “I had hit an all-time high of 350 pounds,” she recalls. “I knew something had to change.” Her life, quite literally, depended on it. Thanks to a sensible diet and exercise plan, Balaghi gradually shed an impressive 80 pounds. Then she hit the dreaded plateau and nearly lost her motivation … until, that is, she called in the reinforcements: She hired a personal trainer, sought out encouragement on Facebook and signed up for group fitness classes. Eventually, she lost an additional 80 pounds. In motivational parlance, Balaghi is a people person, aka “The Lover.” Others may thrive on setting specific goals (“The Doer”), learning new things (“The Thinker”) or taking risks (“The Adventurer”), but her type flourishes when working closely with others. “Knowing your motivational style is the key to making the changes you desire,” says Christy D. Hofsess, Ph.D., an assistant professor of counseling and health psychology at Bastyr University in Seattle. “If you’re a square peg, you can’t squeeze yourself into a round hole.” Indeed, if you’ve been struggling to accomplish your goals and maintain your motivation long term, you’re probably not honoring your own inspiration I.D. By answering the questions that follow, you’ll be able to pinpoint that personality type. Then, we’ll show you how to use your results to make the changes you want and ensure they stick. Here’s to the new and improved you!