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Go Your Own Way

There’s truly no better opportunity to get to know who you are than traveling by yourself.
Go Your Own Way
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Conquer the slopes: Park City, Utah
SOLO APPEAL: Traveling alone is often most satisfying when you can immerse yourself fully in a pastime or sport, so think of a ski trip as an exercise in improving your focus. Who has time to think about work stress when you’re speeding down a black-diamond trail, or even riding a ski lift and marveling at the majestic mountains?
WHAT TO DO: Of course, downhill skiing is activity No. 1 in the area, which has 28,000 acres of skiable slopes. But snowboarding, hiking, skating and cross-country skiing are all exhilarating. And on your own you can push your limits, whether it’s trying a more challenging slope or hiking just a little bit higher, without waiting for a more timid friend. Ski patrol is out 24/7, but respect the mountain, advises Amy Kersey, communications manager of the Park City Chamber Bureau. “Bring along a trail map, and be mindful of trail markers,” she says. If you’d rather not head out alone, Kersey notes that several area resorts offer complimentary group ski tours.
WHERE TO STAY: The budget-friendly Yarrow Resort Hotel is conveniently located on the free local bus route, which takes you nearly everywhere you’ll want to go—goodbye, rental car and parking hassles. (Rooms from $90, yarrowhotelparkcity.com)
WHERE TO EAT: Want to meet fellow travelers? Kersey recommends signing up for the Park City Food Tours, a two-to-three-hour gastro blitz serving up small bites at four restaurants. You’ll sample local fare and bond over fresh, delicious food. (Sign up at parkcityfoodtours.com.)
HOW TO GET THERE: Major carriers fly to Salt Lake City International Airport, and you can take a shuttle bus to continue on to the Yarrow.