Turning Inward to Shine


Along with tinsel and menorahs, the winter holidays so often bring a faint undercurrent of angst. Winter is a time when we naturally want to turn inwards and get cozy, not dash from party to party.

Being warm-blooded animals, we resonate with the seasons and feel a natural pull to contract and hibernate in the winter, wanting to snuggle under a blanket and do quieter activities. This makes it challenging to socialize and be outgoing as these holidays demand. But if you can dedicate about 30 minutes a day to honor the yearning for contraction and self-reflection, and “close up shop” for a while, you will likely feel refueled and ready to tackle the extended family, office parties, and tree trimmings in better humor.

Ensuring you won’t be interrupted, for the first 15-20 minutes do something solo, inwardly focused, and away from electronics. Find things you truly enjoy and will look forward to doing—read a book that completely absorbs you, brainstorm your dreams or vent your frustrations in a journal, sketch for fun, do some expansive stretching yoga poses, take a walk (unplugged from phone or music), or sit quietly and breathe deeply. It may take a few tries to discover what really draws you in, so keep experimenting.

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Woman meditating image via Shutterstock