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Calm Down

These 4 easy meditations can help you feel peaceful and centered in as little as one minute.
Calm Down
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Sitting Meditation 
This meditation suits you if you have a vivid imagination and often daydream. It requires you to recall what Borysenko, the psychologist, calls "holy moments": moments of feeling peaceful, whole, and happy to be alive, when you are completely present and not worrying about the past or future. Your holy moments might include witnessing a spectacular sunset, listening to a beautiful symphony, or spending time with a loved one.

To practice, sit quietly and close your eyes. Take several deep breaths. Recall one of your holy moments, and use all your senses to recreate the details. Visualize the setting, see the colors, and remember any fragrances, sounds, or physical sensations that were part of the moment. As you reflect, notice the feelings of well-being that accompany the memory. Stay with the image for a minute or two, and then gradually let it fade.

Practice this meditation daily for five minutes or longer to grow accustomed to calling up those feelings of well-being. Then, anytime you notice that you feel stressed or distracted, take a deep breath and recall the peaceful feelings.


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