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6 Healthy Holiday Habits

It's easier than you think to transform bad habits into healthy new practices.

6 Healthy Holiday Habits
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We are an accumulation of habits. In fact, you need some of your daily habits to survive. Unfortunately, a few (or more) habits can be destructive and can limit your success and happiness.

As we know, the holidays can be more stressful, distracting, and indulgent than any other time of year. How can we keep the bad habits at bay during the holidays? How can we develop new practices now that will serve us throughout the whole year? Here are some tips:

Habit #1: Sampling every item on the holiday buffet table. It all looks so delicious and after all, we’ve been good all year!
New practice: Size up the table. Examine all that is offered. Check in with your body and ask, ”What is it that I really want?” Allow yourself to choose three or four items. Savor those. Then stay as far away from the table as possible. Remember, the first bite is the best bite!

Habit #2: Drinking more, partying more because “it’s the holidays, and I deserve to have fun and splurge.” Not saying “no” to yourself and unconsciously drinking with others.
New practice: It’s ok to enjoy. This is a wonderful time to socialize with friends and family. In order to have more control, decide BEFORE you go to the party how much you plan to drink. Do this by asking yourself, “What is my limit? How do I want to feel the next day?” A good way to enjoy and pace yourself is to have a sparkling water with lemon in between each cocktail. This will not only keep you hydrated but will slow you down.

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