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When available, use golden-fleshed potatoes such as Binjis or yellow Finns. The fresh peas give the dish a delightful crunchiness; if you substitute frozen peas, remember to thaw them first. Read More
Soft cooked vegetables add flavor and moisture to this dressing, which can be prepared the day before and re-heated in the oven for 15 minutes before serving. The amount of stock you need will vary according to the bread you use. One caveat: This is a classic-style dressing, so those watching calories or sodium should reduce their serving sizes. Read More
This sweet, simple dessert provides a delicious break from rich holiday fare and a fitting end to your celebratory meal. You can use either crisp gingersnaps or chewy ginger cookies from a local baker for the topping. Read More
A warm baked apple is a perfect dish for a chilly fall day. This version is a meal in itself, complete with soy sausage for protein but with a minimum of fat. Read More
Whole-wheat spaghetti is loaded with fiber and B vitamins; tomatoes are brimming with lycopene; olives are a good source of monounsaturated fat. Read More
Serves 6
Water content per serving: approximately 1 1/2 cups

This delectable vegetable stew, also known as ratatouille, is a rich combination of flavors--and the raw ingredients contain almost 10 cups of water! To preserve the water content, simmer the vegetables in a deep pot with the lid on. Serve the ratatouille hot or at room temperature. Ideal accompaniments include crusty French bread, marinated olives and goat cheese. Read More
Serves 4

This classic Italian dessert (its name translates as "cooked cream") is normally prepared with heavy cream and sugar, but our lighter rendition is made with low-fat milk and nonfat yogurt; it's also sweetened with honey, a wonderful source of antioxidants. Read More
Serves 4

This recipe combines three fermented elements in one bowl. The starter culture is not necessary but recommended to ensure that your vegetables begin fermenting with a hardy strain of healthy bacteria. Plan ahead: The salad takes at least four days to make. Read More
Overcooking this soup will kill any beneficial bacteria in the raw miso paste. Read More
This is a delicious vegetarian Indian dish that can be made as spicy as your palate allows! Read More