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Watercress and arugula sprout quickly and grow well indoors. Their peppery taste and the mild flavor of fresh young radishes are complemented by the sweetness of orange in this salad's dressing. Read More
The pungent taste of cherry tomatoes and fresh basil make all the differencein this dish. Skewer the tomatoes together so you can turn them easily on the grill. Read More
Nearly all the produce in this dish–red leaf lettuce, cilantro, and mint—can be grown at home. Read More
Leafy collard greens, kale, and Swiss chard–high in both calcium and B vitamins–are terrific bone builders. Cashews provide healthy fats and protein. Serve this dish with a side of steamed whole wheat couscous, which takes about 5 minutes to prepare–and boom–you've got a quick and easy healing meal. Read More
The chewy, delicate nature of the tuiles is the perfect accompaniment to sorbets and ices. Just bear in mind that coconut is fairly high in fat, so go sparingly on these cookies. Read More
Most guests assume this treat is a high calorie indulgence. But with fresh fruit, evaporated cane juice, and no fat, you can indulge without the calories. Read More
Your friends and family will know summer is just around the corner when you serve them tall, cool glasses of strawberry lemonade over ice. And when you assure them that the juice is good for them—and didn't take you hours in the kitchen—they'll be doubly gratified. Read More
This simple yet hearty soup is packed with healthy ingredients like olive oil, spinach, and fresh herbs. Read More
The latest weight–loss prescription says you need to get back to ancient eating habits. Read More
A simple miso–based marinade is an easy way to prepare fresh salmon for the oven, yielding a slightly sweet, flaky dish.
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