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Main dish: Lime juice and cilantro give this dish a bright flavor. For added heat, leave in some of the seeds from the jalapeño, then serve the dish over whole wheat pasta or short grain brown rice. Leftovers: Add sautéed red or green bell peppers and salsa to make shrimp fajitas. Place spoonfuls of the mixture in a flour tortilla and top with cheddar cheese or plain yogurt. Read More
Main dish: Pair these empanadas with wild rice and steamed broccoli for a satisfying vegetarian main course. Leftovers: With the other half of the red cabbage, make an Asian coleslaw by adding some grated carrots and chopped cilantro and tossing with rice wine vinegar, tamari, sesame oil, and chili-garlic paste. Read More
Main dish: The sweetness of the carrots contrasts nicely with the warm spiciness of the ginger. Leftovers: Turn into carrot ginger soup by adding several cups of vegetable broth and mixing in a blender before heating. If you plan to use the sauté leftovers to make soup, be sure to add the cilantro garnish just before serving—it will wilt if you put it directly into the soup pot. Read More
Main dish: Add a salad or oven-roasted potatoes for a filling brunch or dinner. Leftovers: Chop up what’s left of the frittata and combine it with scallions, green peas, tamari, and leftover cooked rice for a quick fried-rice dish. Read More
Wild mint may be abundant throughout the U.S., but it’s native to the Mediterranean region. Here, it replaces traditional parsley for an especially seasonal and rustic tabouleh. Read More
The natural fats in almond oil and the sweet zing of sun-dried tomatoes mellow out the distinctive bitterness of dandelion greens in this fresh spring salad. Read More
In this tangy recipe the eggplant is grilled with a little olive oil and then dipped briefly in a slightly sweet marinade. Read More
This variation on Italian antipasto uses fresh vegetable giardiniera in place of the more commonly used jarred ones, for added nutrients and crunch. Read More
One of the best ways to flush toxins from your body is by eating water-rich foods like leafy greens and cabbage. Read More
Shrimp (U.S. farmed or wild is best) is loaded with protein, vitamin D, and selenium. Read More