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Spice Advice

These seasonings boost both your health and the flavor in everyday foods.

Spice Advice
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Origin: Jamaica, Central and South America
Flavor: Peppery sweetness
Bioactive Ingredient: Eugenol, myrcene
Health Benefits: Improves digestion, relieves joint pain
Use It With: Shellfish, squash, beef

Origin: Southern India
Flavor: Orangey, with strong, aromatic sweetness
Bioactive Ingredient: Cineol
Health Benefits: Soothes indigestion, relieves gas, freshens breath
Use It With: Rice, coffee, root vegetables

Origin: French Guiana
Flavor: Biting warmth
Bioactive Ingredient: Capsaicin
Health Benefits: Reduces pain, boosts mood and metabolism, anti-inflammatory
Use It With: Poultry, salad dressing, chili

Origin: Sri Lanka
Flavor: Warm and sweet
Bioactive Ingredients: Cinnamaldehyde, eugenol
Health Benefits: Improves insulin sensitivity, reduces cholesterol, antimicrobial
Use It With: Green tea, yogurt, hot chocolate

Origin: Indonesia
Flavor: Intensely pungent
Bioactive Ingredient: Eugenol
Health Benefits: Antiseptic, antimicrobial, relieves toothaches
Use It With: Pumpkin, marinades, pie

Origin: Southeast Asia
Flavor: Warm and tangy
Bioactive Ingredient: Gingerol
Health Benefits: Relieves nausea, eliminates gastrointestinal distress, anti-inflammatory
Use It With: Fruit salad, stir-fry, seafood

Origin: Indonesia
Flavor: Robust sweetness
Bioactive Ingredient: Myristicin
Health Benefits: Treats diarrhea and colic, anti-inflammatory
Use It With: Sliced fruit, oatmeal, smoothies

Origin: South America
Flavor: Bittersweet
Bioactive Ingredient: Capsaicin
Health Benefits: Relieves cold and fever, soothes upset stomach, anti-inflammatory
Use It With: Popcorn, meat rubs, roasted nuts

Origin: Southern India, Indonesia
Flavor: Musty and bitter
Bioactive Ingredient: Curcumin
Health Benefits: Defends against cancer, relieves arthritis pain, eases indigestion Use It With: Tofu, quinoa, poultry