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Some Like It Raw

Is a raw-food diet right for you?
Some Like It Raw
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If you plan to try out lots of raw-licious recipes, the following tools will make it much easier:
HIGH-SPEED BLENDER Powerful models like the Vita-Mix 5200 ($449; can break down tough raw fibers and nuts to create soups, sauces, and sorbets.
HEAVY-DUTY JUICER It can also be used for vegan butters and for bases for nut cheese and ice cream. Try Champion's masticating juicers ($240;
DEHYDRATOR The Excaliber 2400 ($130;, complete with adjustable thermostat, turns out raw crackers, cakes, and other treats without exceeding the heat limit.
SPIRAL SLICER This gadget turns raw ingredients like fresh coconut or zucchini into thinly sliced "pasta" noodles. Try the Saladacco Spiral Slicer by Joyce Chen ($19;