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Shopping for Grass-fed

Not all store-bought organic milk comes from cows that have been fed grass.

Shopping for Grass-fed
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Full-fat milk produced by cows that are fed corn has three to five times less CLA than that of grass-fed cows, according to Utah State University dairy scientist Tilak R. Dhiman, Ph.D.


Not all organic milk companies let their cows go out to pasture. To find a farm that does, visit You can also check local health-food stores and farmers' markets, but read labels carefully. Though "grass-fed" can mean a cow was let out to pasture for a few days each month instead of daily, the following small companies promise that their dairy cows pasture from early spring to late fall:

  • GRASS POINT FARMS ( sells cheese, butter, and milk.


  • NATURAL BY NATURE ( distributes its milk from Maine to Florida, and its cream, butter, sour cream, and whipped cream are sold at stores across the country.


  • SEVEN STARS FARM ( doesn't sell milk, but their yogurt is made with milk from grassfed cows and is available up and down the East Coast.


  • SKY TOP FARMS ( Milk and yogurt from this upstate New York dairy farm is sold at Whole Foods stores in the Northeast.