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The Raw Deal

How to go raw, without selling your stove.

The Raw Deal
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Even if the benefits of raw food appeal to you, chances are you view the diet in one of two ways: boring (endless crudités, salads, and bananas eaten straight from the peel) or daunting (requiring a complete lifestyle upheaval). Truth is, the diet is neither.

The raw food movement has given rise to a whole new kind of cuisine, one replete with its own sophisticated flavor profile, secret ingredients and “cooking” techniques (such as marinating, sprouting, dehydrating and blending) that make the food more digestible and delicious.

And it’s not an eat-all-raw-or-no- benefits-for-you kind of thing. Even Amsden, who—as owner of the fashionable Euphoria Loves RAWvolution café in Los Angeles— is something of a raw food poster boy, agrees. “There are no absolutes,” he says. “You don’t have to leave one camp and join another.”

That’s good news for those of us who would like to rev up with raw foods but can’t imagine life without an occasional stew or stir-fry. Here are six ways to do raw right.