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When life becomes hectic, get your fresh-pressed juices delivered.

Phone a Cleanse
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In a perfect world we’d have plenty of time to prep all of our meals ourselves. But when life becomes hectic, you don’t have to let healthy, wholesome choices fall by the wayside. in fact, even if you’re considering juicing—or a juice cleanse—you have a time-saving option: Purchase your drinks pre-made! I’m not talking about the typical pasteurized sugary juices that you get in most stores. To get a truly beneficial cleanse or detox, you need to buy your beverages from people who really know what they’re doing—like the five that follow. Each of these plans will mail you six to eight fresh-pressed, delicious and usually organic drinks per day. Although the prices listed don’t include shipping, if you’re local you have the option of picking them up.

BluePrintCleanse offers three levels, depending on how new to cleansing you are. Juices are delivered by FedEx, or by courier if you live in Los angeles or New York city; some Whole Foods stores carry them, too. (From $65/day;

The Cooler Cleanse is similar to BluePrintcleanse, but also has a raw food package that can be used before or after a cleanse, or on its own. Delivery is available in the continental U.S. only. (From $58/day;

Organic Avenue is based in New York and founded on Denise Mari’s vision of LOVE* (Live. Organic. Vegan. Experience.). An all-liquid cleanse is available nationally, as well as a juice, soup and salad cleanse and a raw food cleanse locally. (From $66/day;

Pressed Juicery is a Hollywood favorite that delivers nationwide. Three cleanse levels are offered, and an online quiz helps you choose the right one for you. (From $70/day;

Ritual Wellness offers two fixed cleanse programs and one customizable program, plus the “shred”—two specially formulated pre- and post-workout replenishment juices. (From $80/day;

Of course, when you discover just how life-transforming the right kinds of juices can be, I think you’ll want to make the leap (and save some money) by preparing them yourself, at least most of the time. When that happens, check out my new e-book, Crazy Sexy Juices & Succulent Smoothies ($20;, which is chock-full of recipes. End of shameless self-promotion. Now go get juiced!