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The chewy, delicate nature of the tuiles is the perfect accompaniment to sorbets and ices. Just bear in mind that coconut is fairly high in fat, so go sparingly on these cookies. Read More
Most guests assume this treat is a high calorie indulgence. But with fresh fruit, evaporated cane juice, and no fat, you can indulge without the calories. Read More
Your friends and family will know summer is just around the corner when you serve them tall, cool glasses of strawberry lemonade over ice. And when you assure them that the juice is good for them—and didn't take you hours in the kitchen—they'll be doubly gratified. Read More
This simple yet hearty soup is packed with healthy ingredients like olive oil, spinach, and fresh herbs. Read More
A simple miso–based marinade is an easy way to prepare fresh salmon for the oven, yielding a slightly sweet, flaky dish.
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This healthy riff on chowder combines the tomato base of Manhattan-style with the creamy texture of New England–style
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Granitas are super easy, and orange juice gives dark chocolate (high in cancer-fighting flavonones) a sweet, citrusy accent. Read More
Fresh pico de gallo and guacamole make these cheeseless nachos burst with flavor. Read More
Using ground turkey is an instant low-fat alternative to traditional meatloaf, but chopped spinach, carrots, and celery add flavor and nutrients. Read More
With low-fat turkey pastrami, Russian dressing, and Swiss cheese, this sandwich is tasty but can be a bit salty. For healthiest results, use low-sodium ingredients.

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