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Buckwheat is a flavorful cholesterol buster with a chewy texture and earthy flavor. Throw in a variety of colorful vegetables and protein-rich peanut butter and—voila—a complete, balanced meal. Read More
This comforting soup contains potent anti-inflammatories like ginger and turmeric. To turn up the heat, add more chile peppers, which studies suggest can help lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and even prevent clotting. Read More
To capture the elegant and complex flavor of this sauce, use the very best ingredients you can afford—and these humble winter vegetables will satisfy the most discerning guest. The sauce is also terrific on grilled chicken or drizzled atop fluffy scrambled eggs. Read More
This soup honors the spirit and flavors of Mexican chocolate based mole sauces without the time-consuming labor. Read More
This rich and decadent dessert (a little goes a long way) is adapted from a recipe by Cat Cora. Dip fresh and dried fruits to add even more antioxidants to those found in 75 percent dark chocolate. Read More
Make your own high-protein energy bars at home with this easy, delicious recipe. The dried fruits, seeds, and whole grains in this homemade energy bar can power you through a workout, commute, or a flagging afternoon. Read More
This healthy makeover of a soul food classic offers the rich spicy flavor of lean chicken sausage. The white beans benefit from a layering of flavors, with various vegetables added at different times in the cooking process. Combined with a whole grain like brown rice, these beans provide a virtually fat-free protein.
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Traditionally served to emperors, finely ground Japanese green matcha tea delivers more antioxidants than an infusion brewed from leaves. Read More
Traditional crisps are often loaded with butter (sometimes an entire stick!) and sugar. We’ve paired down both in this recipe. Read More
The combination of sweet potatoes and cranberries offers an unexpected twist of sweetness and crunch. Read More