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Insalata di Burrata

This variation of caprese salad was created by chef Mark Mollica of La Vecchia Cucina is Santa Monica, Calif., and inspired by his time in Naples.

Insalata di Burrata
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½ each Fresh red, yellow and green heirloom tomatoes
4 oz Fresh burrata cheese
2 each Thin slices of prosciuitto (San Daniele or Parna)
3 each Fresh basil
2 oz Extra virgin olive oil
1 oz Aged balsamic vinegar
1 pinch Sea salt


· Place the slices of prosciutto in the middle of the plate overlapping each other.
· Slice each half heirloom tomato ¼ inch thick; place each slice on top of prosciutto, then on top of each other, varying in color, until full circle is formed.
· Season tomatoes with the sea salt.
· Place the basil leaves in the middle of the circle of tomatoes.
· Top with the burrata cheese.
· Drizzle the olive oil around the tomatoes and cheese, then drizzle balsamic in the oil.

Nutritional facts: