Healthy Eating

BYO Lunch

Pack a homemade lunch—for yourself and the kids—made with healthy, mood-boosting ingredients.
BYO Lunch
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Portable Superfoods
Running for the bus, car or train? Grab one of these stress- and mess-free ingredients for your lunch and they'll stay in one piece in a purse, lunch box, or briefcase:

HARD-BOILED EGG. This high-protein source of all-day energy can travel at room temperature and helps release feel–good endorphins when you eat it.
CHEESE AND WHOLE-GRAIN CRACKERS. This classic combination of whole grains and protein provides a great side dish to a green salad. (Make sure the crackers are free of hydrogenated oils.)
LEAFY GREENS. Greens travel well at room temperature. To keep them crisp in transit, wash them right before you pack them, and wrap them in a cloth napkin.
QUINOA. This delicious and healthy grain can be eaten cold or at room temperature. Add a few steamed or sautéed vegetables to it for a quick and healthy salad.
AVOCADO. You can carry this fruit whole and then slice it in half when you're ready to eat it. If you only eat half, sprinkle the other half with lemon juice—it helps prevent the flesh from turning brown.
EDAMAME. These soy beans are a complete protein and contain folate. You can buy them fresh or frozen; steam them still in the pod then add a little pinch of salt.
GRANOLA WITH ALMONDS AND/OR WALNUTS. This combination of grains and healthy fats can last for a week in a sealed container. Top it with fresh sliced bananas for mood-boosting potassium.