Healthy Eating

The Eco-Conscious Carnivore

A meat-lover's guide to making choices that maximize personal and planetary health.

The Eco-Conscious Carnivore
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Choosing the best-raised meat doesn't complete the decision-making process. Other considerations include picking the leanest cuts and preparing them in the healthiest ways.

* To find the leanest cuts, look for loin or round on the packaging, such as in sirloin, tenderloin, top round, eye of round, and round tip.
* Before cooking meat, trim off excess fat. This can reduce the fat content by up to 50 percent. Also, avoid adding any fat.
* Instead of frying, use low-fat cooking techniques like broiling, grilling, and roasting.
* And finally: "Remember that a serving size is 3 ounces," says Jennifer Wilkins, Ph.D.,"equal in size to a standard deck of cards."