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Eat to Cleanse Your Body

Surviving on juice isn’t the best way to give your system a boost. Hit your system’s reset button healthfully with this plan.

Eat to Cleanse Your Body
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These days, you can’t swing an organic celery stalk without hitting someone on a juice cleanse. Touted as a natural way to detox your system, jumpstart weight loss, and inoculate yourself against disease, the gemcolored beverages have expanded beyond Whole Foods to places like Safeway, Groupon and even the Williams-Sonoma catalog. According to industry data, the kale-and-whatever cocktails make up a $5 billion business, expected to grow by 8 percent this year.

Companies selling this bottled bliss (typically for about $65 per day) promise a clear head, clear skin and really clear bowels. But plenty of women who set out to detoxify their body one sip at a time find themselves encountering the Seven Dwarves of Cleansing: Dizzy, Cranky, Weak, Starving, Bored, Poopy and Social Outcast. Health experts are rarely fans, mostly due to the juices’ inadequate calorie contents; lack of satiating protein, fat and fiber; and soaring candybar–esque sugar levels.

Here at Natural Health, we’re all for ramping up your veggie intake and knocking junk food out of your diet. Learn why liquid fasts might not be the wisest way to do it—as well as a better approach for you to help your body perform at its best.