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Dining Out, Eating Organic

Can you dine out on the same fresh and healthy organic foods you like to cook with? Absolutely. In a few cases, the menu even comes certified.

Dining Out, Eating Organic
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Restaurant Row
Food experts pick their favorite eateries for mostly organic fare.

Cambridge, Mass.
"Oleana, a wonderful Mediterranean restaurant, is supporting organic farming so strongly that owner Ana Sortun is marrying an organic farmer; she fell in love with him after he came to her door with produce."
—Corby Kummer, senior editor at the Atlantic Monthly and author of The Pleasures of Slow Food

Chez Panisse
Berkeley, Calif.
"My favorite organic restaurant remains Chez Panisse. Alice Waters' ingredient-driven California cuisine lives up to its lofty reputation. Her focus remains unwavering, using the most pristine ingredients and subtly enhancing them to show off their freshness."
—Dai Huynh, restaurant writer for the Houston Chronicle

Angelica Kitchen
New York, N.Y.
"One of the standard bearers is Angelica Kitchen. The owner, Leslie McEachern, has a unique relationship with her suppliers. I've always respected her for that. Like Leslie, we think of farmers like they're our family."
—Bart Potenza, co-owner of Candle 79 and Candle Cafe in New York City

Blue Hill
New York, N.Y.
"I love that organic vegetables are being served at City Bakery and Blue Hill in New York City. Serving organic food is an important statement to the public. The biggest issue here is not whether we are eating better-tasting food, but whether or not the environment was damaged long-term by the production of that food."
—Sara Moulton, food editor for ABC-TV's Good Morning America and host of Sara's Secrets on the Food Network

Larkspur, Calif.
"Roxanne's is my favorite. It's a very elegant living-foods restaurant. The food sparkles. It tastes truly alive, vibrant and a little mysterious."
—Patricia Unterman, restaurant critic and food writer for the San Francisco Examiner