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Calorie-Bomb Salads Defused

Keep your greens good for you with these 4 fresh makeovers.
Calorie-Bomb Salads Defused
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Mexplosion Salad
Sure, that fried tortilla bowl and
mounds of guacamole, cheese and
sour cream taste great—but you
might as well have a chimichanga if
that’s what your go-to Mexican salad
entails. This lighter version packs in
the flavor (not the calories) with fresh
herbs and toasted sunflower seeds.
Plus, the black beans and corn make it
surprisingly rich in fiber.

2 ounces black beans, cooked
1 ounce corn kernels, grilled
3 baby tomatoes, halved
½ ounce red onion, finely diced
1 teaspoon fresh cilantro, minced
Dash of Tapatio hot sauce
3 ounces mixed baby greens
½ ounce sunflower seeds, toasted
1∕5 avocado, thinly sliced
1½ tablespoons lemon juice
Drizzle of chipotle BBQ sauce

In a small bowl, toss black beans,
corn kernels, tomatoes, red onion and
cilantro with a dash of Tapatio sauce.
Combine black bean mixture with the
rest of the ingredients and toss with
lemon juice and BBQ sauce. Serve
Per serving: 334 calories, 13.5 g fat
(1.5 g saturated fat), 0 mg cholesterol,
12 g protein, 48.5 g carbohydrates,
12.5 g fiber, 421 mg sodium

Albacore Tuna Salad

While tuna salad is a healthier
topping than, say, fried chicken, the
mayo it’s typically loaded with can
add a lot of saturated fat—and mask
the great, fresh taste of the fish. This
tuna salad is made sans mayo and
also sneaks in some extra vegetables.