Healthy Eating

A Better Barbecue

Eat well and minimize your impact on the planet at your next outdoor get-together.
A Better Barbecue
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The Green Party
When Sara Snow, author of Sara Snow’s Fresh Living (Bantam), hosts a party at her house, she uses it as an opportunity to spread some eco-friendly love. Her advice:

Bug off—naturally Instead of using toxic DEET products to keep mosquitoes away, choose potted plants that repel insects. Try rosemary, marigolds and citronella.

Use breakable china Hit your favorite thrift store and load up on cheap plates, cups and cutlery that used to be someone else’s fine china. It’s easier on the Earth than stocking up on disposables. If you insist, opt for compostable partyware.

Make recycling a cinch Mark one bin “recycling,” one “compost” and another “garbage”—and print out a list of what goes where.

Cook just enough Get an accurate head count so you don’t end up with tons of leftovers. If it’s hard to estimate how much food you’ll go through, have a plan for what’s left (for example, bring extras to a homeless shelter).