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4 Nutrients Every Kid Needs

Is your child getting enough of the good stuff?
4 Nutrients Every Kid Needs
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WHY KIDS NEED IT: Potassium does everything from keeping the heart, muscles, and digestive tract functioning properly to keeping the body hydrated by helping to draw water into cells. “Even when children drink plenty of water, without enough potassium they may be dehydrated,” says Los Angeles dietitian Koff.
SIGNS YOUR CHILD ISN’T GETTING ENOUGH: Weakness and fatigue, muscle cramps, and digestive problems
HOW MUCH KIDS NEED: 3,000 mg a day for children ages 1 to 3; 3,800 mg per day for kids ages 4 to 8; 4,500 mg per day for children ages 9 to 13
WHERE TO FIND IT: Colorful fruits and veggies like tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and greens
FUN POTASSIUM-RICH FOODS: Medium potato, skin on (620 mg) Cut into strips, toss with oil, and bake on a cookie sheet. 1/3 cup spinach (280 mg) and 1 medium banana (420 mg) Blend spinach and banana with honey to taste and gradually add water until it reaches a smoothie consistency. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze. 1 avocado (975 mg) Mash with 1 clove garlic and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and serve with carrot and celery sticks or red pepper strips for dipping.