Pass the Salt

Pass the Salt Salt therapies have been used for centuries to treat common ailments. This winter, try one of...

Undo Your Indulgences

Undo Your Indulgences If you go a bit overboard on the food and drink this holiday season, here's how to rid your body...

Generation We

Generation We For all the challenges facing today’s children, there are also endless opportunities to nurture...

Beyond the M.D.

Beyond the M.D. What can a homeopath, naturopath, or TCM doctor do for you? Plenty, if you know what to look for.

Ease the Pressure

Ease the Pressure By keeping your blood pressure in check, you can help prevent a stroke. Here are five drug-free...

Weekend Detox

Weekend Detox This gentle cleanse won’t leave you starved—and it allows time for contemplation to help break...

Heart Help

Heart Help Bring your total cholesterol level down with these natural remedies.

Ease Aching Joints

Ease Aching Joints Natural supplements can help reduce inflammation, build cartilage, and help repair damaged joints.

Toxic Shockers

Toxic Shockers Five surprising ways your body is under attack— and how to fight back.

Unknot Your Insides

Unknot Your Insides If you experience chronic bloating, gas, or indigestion, you could be suffering from gluten...