Kinder, Gentler Surgery

Going under the knife? Lessen the toll on your mind and body before and after with these holistic approaches.

Kinder, Gentler Surgery
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How homeopathy can help
Remedies like those that follow encourage the body’s own natural healing responses and can be helpful in both preparing for and recovering from surgery, says Berkeley, Calif.-based homeopath Dana ullman, M.P.H., author of Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicines (Tarcher). He recommends Boiron products in the 30C strength.

Aconitum One dose before surgery is useful if you’re feeling anxious; take it as needed after your operation.
Arnica “Arnica reduces bleeding, swelling and surgical shock,” ullman says. Take one dose just before surgery. Afterward, take a dose every two hours on the first day, then every four hours on the second day, tapering off over time.
Hypericum If nerve pain is likely to be an issue, as it often is after surgery on the back, neck, head, hands or feet, try hypericum. Take one dose per hour, then taper off as pain lessens.
Staphysagria If you’re having major abdominal surgery, including a Cesarean section or hysterectomy, the go-to agent is staphysagria. Take one dose before surgery, then several afterward, tapering off over 48 hours.