Homeopathic Sleep Remedies

Photography by: courtesy of Shutterstock

Trouble catching shut-eye because you’re sick, anxious or lonely? Try one of the below remedies, targeted specifically for the culprit of your sleep-robber.

If symptoms occur with fever or illness: Try Aconitum
If symptoms are related to anxiety and anticipation: Try Argentum nitricum
If symptoms start after midnight with underlying fear or anxiety: Try Arsenicum Album
If symptoms result from physical pain or irritability: Try Chamomilla
If symptoms are caused by news (good or bad) that triggers emotion: Try Coffea cruda
If symptoms coincide with consequence of grief of recent loss: Try Ignatia
If symptoms are accompanied by nightmares or restless feelings: Try Kali phosphoricum
If symptoms develop from caffeine, alcohol, drugs or anger: Try Nux vomica
If symptoms persist due to exhaustion, overwork or a racing mind: Try Passiflora
If symptoms are related to feelings of loneliness or fear of sleeping alone: Try Pulsatilla


Image of woman sleeping via Shutterstock