Healing with Homeopathy

Photography by: Carin Krasner
Healing with Homeopathy

Self-prescribed remedies work well for in-the-moment anxiety, but more serious distress requires the attention of a professional homeopath. Margo Marrone, a pharmacist and homeopath and founder of The Organic Pharmacy, suggests taking one of these remedies up to four times a day during an anxiety attack.
Aconite For sudden-onset anxiety and intense fear following a traumatic event.
Argentum nitricum For performance anxiety, fear of heights or claustrophobia, generally accompanied by stomach cramps and loose stools.
Ignatia For acute anxiety and depression, especially after a breakup or death in the family.
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Thorpe suggests taking one of the following every hour for three doses, then once every three hours.
Aconite For the first 24 hours of a cold that appears suddenly after exposure to cold or wind; you feel hot and dry, anxious and may be very thirsty.
Allium cepa For the early stages of a cold when there is a lot of sneezing; clear, watery nasal discharge; and profuse tearing; you feel worse in warm rooms and better outside.
Pulsatilla For the later stages of a cold when there is thick yellow-green mucus and changeable symptoms; you do not feel thirsty.
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Aspinwall suggests taking one dose and repeating it if fatigue returns.
Arnica Best following extreme physical exertion like giving birth or running a marathon; also helps with recovery from jet lag.
China For exhaustion brought on by dehydration; helpful after diarrhea, vomiting or a sweaty fever.
Phosphoric acid For nervous exhaustion and brain fog brought on by intense mental activity; you may feel a heaviness or burning sensation in your spine and limbs.

Ullman suggests taking three doses 30 minutes apart, then one dose three times a day.
Belladonna For throbbing pain aggravated by noise, light, touch, motion or lying down; pain is relieved by cold compresses or firm pressure.
Nux vomica For headaches resulting from drinking too much coffee or alcohol or working too hard, often accompanied by constipation and extreme irritability; pain is relieved by applying warm compresses, sitting quietly or lying down.
Pulsatilla For headaches aggravated by heat, stuffy rooms or overeating; may be relieved by being in the open air or applying cold compresses.