Embrace the Change

Herbal remedies to ease perimenopause.

Embrace the Change
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Want to clear a room fast? Say the word “menopause.” You might be looking “the change” square in the face and experiencing perimenopause now. But even if you think you’ve got plenty of time before you start hot flashing, here’s some surprising news: Some women start seeing symptoms as early as age 35, so it’s wise to be prepared. For generations, herb-savvy women have been turning to the plant world for natural remedies to ease this transitional time.

Given the uncertainty of hormone therapy and the high price of health care, herbs are more relevant than ever. Instead of reaching for ibuprofen, sleeping pills or antidepressants to treat hot flashes, cramps, insomnia and other symptoms, try a more natural approach.

“Treating yourself with home remedies is the easiest, least invasive and sometimes the most effective treatment,” says herbalist Rosemary Gladstar, founder of Sage Mountain Herb Center in Barre, Vt., and author of the classic Herbal Healing for Women (Simon & Schuster). Here are six herbs to help ease six common symptoms: