Ditch the Itch

Banish yeast infections forever with our comprehensive guide to treating and preventing this irritating condition with homeopathy and other natural remedies.

Ditch the Itch
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Try C. ALBICANS first: Look for a 30C remedy, and take two to four pellets under the tongue four times a day. If that doesn't provide enough relief, Fior suggests selecting from the following list the remedy that most closely matches your symptoms.

KREOSOTUM is good for discharge that's very irritating or abrasive. There may be an acrid or bad odor, with lots of redness and rawness as well as pain during and after urination.

PULSATILLA works for infections with a bland discharge and less pain. It's usually prescribed for patients who are moody, weepy, and need comforting, tend to be warm-blooded, and become overheated easily in the sun.

SEPIA is best-suited to cases in which there is a yellowish discharge and a bearing-down sensation--as if something needs to come out. This remedy is especially good for stressed-out moms or women with PMS.