Ditch the Itch

Photography by: Mark Lund
Ditch the Itch
ANOTHER INFECTION--Though yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and trichomoniasis are the most common causes of vaginal irritation, other types of infection--including the sexually transmitted diseases Chlamydia and gonorrhea--can also feel like yeast overgrowth.

NORMAL HORMONAL SHIFTS--Perceived vaginal irritation can simply be the result of normal fluctuations in the vaginal discharge associated with the menstrual cycle--which means sensitivities may ebb and flow in conjunction with your cycle.

If it turns out your symptoms are a yeast infection (the best way to find for sure is to see your doctor), you might try one of these homeopathic remedies.

Based upon the notion that like cures like, the first-line therapy for curing yeast infections in homeopathy is--you guessed it--Candida albicans. It's a primary ingredient in most homeopathic yeast tablets and suppositories, such as Yeastaway.

Now, that might sound counterintuitive: Why put more of the stuff in when you're trying to get rid of it? But idea works much the same way allergy shots do, says Timothy Fior, M.D., a family practitioner and homeopath practicing in Lombard, Ill. "If you're allergic to ragweed, what is the allergist going to do? Give you a shot of diluted ragweed," he says. "The bottom line is, we don't know why allergy shots work--they just do. It's the same with homeopathy."