Crazy Sexy Detox

Giving your body a break from all the toxins it’s exposed to makes you feel like you can fly. Here’s how to detox safely so you stack the good-health odds in your favor.
Crazy Sexy Detox
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How to ride the wave of a crave
Ditching caffeine, sugar, wheat, meat, dairy and alcohol isn’t easy. Here’s how to keep your cravings in check:
1. Have a snack that’s high in protein and good fat, such as nuts, seeds and avocado.
2. Sip hot herbal tea with a bit of agave or stevia.
3. Juice up a nutrient-packed green drink or smoothie with some good fat in it like coconut or avocado.
4. Nosh on a rice cake with almond butter or a baked sweet potato.
5. Change your environment until the crisis passes. Go for a walk, call a friend, cuddle your pet, have hot sex.
6. Floss, brush and gargle with a natural minty mouthwash. It sends the signal that the office of eating is temporarily closed for business.
7. Grab a piece of wood and bite hard like a Civil War amputee.