Crazy Sexy Detox

Giving your body a break from all the toxins it’s exposed to makes you feel like you can fly. Here’s how to detox safely so you stack the good-health odds in your favor.
Crazy Sexy Detox
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Step1: The pre-show warm-up
It’s best to transition for the week before you start. Consider it a wean week. After all, you’re still a new colt learning to balance. No need to hit the racetrack on day one. Choose a day to start and try not to begin when you have lots of parties, weddings, birthdays or the like. Get your cabinets, crisper and appliances ready, line up your supplements, dust off your sneakers, get a fancy journal that inspires you, and dig out a kitchen timer for your daily meditation practice. During wean week: Slowly remove coffee if you haven’t done so. Wean down to one cup per day. Cut back to no more than two alcoholic drinks per week and choose organic red wine. Make sure you’re drinking enough purified water. Stuff’s gonna start to rumble—flush it out by knocking back at least eight cups a day. Reduce your meat consumption to no more than 3 to 4 ounces twice a week. Phase out dairy and gluten. Include no more than two or three servings of each over the course of the week. Eliminate processed sugar and refined carbs. (See “How to Ride the Wave of a Crave.”) Double your intake of greens and dip your toe into the juicy world of juicing.

Step 2: Clean house
Ta da! For the next 21 days, you’ll eat foods that reduce inflammation and balance the pH of your dazzling body. You’ll shift from an acidic interior environment to one that’s alkaline- and oxygen-drenched by increasing the amount of raw and living foods and organic green juices and green smoothies in your diet while decreasing or (ideally) eliminating processed sugars, refined starches, animal products high in saturated fat, stimulants and too many cooked foods. This allows your magnificent body to recover from the constant barrage of stress and inflammation created by the standard American diet (aptly abbreviated as SAD) and lifestyle. Here’s what to reach for:

For breakfast Drink a large glass of purified water with lemon, and add a wee dash of cayenne pepper to awaken your circulation; follow that with herbal tea, one to two cups of green or white tea or yerba mate. When you’re hungry, sip 16 ounces of fresh organic green juice or green smoothie. If you’re still hungry, have more juice and/or smoothie.
For lunch Load 60 percent to 80 percent of your plate with a rainbow-colored salad, good fats and other raw delights. “Peanut” noodles, raw veggie pasta, nut pâté and nori rolls are lovely choices. The remaining 20 percent to 40 percent of your plate can be graced with healthy and whole cooked fare (slightly steamed or sautéed veggies, beans, tempeh, tofu, glutenfree grains and pastas, soup, baked sweet potato or nori rolls, etc.).
For a snack The juice bar is open and it’s cocktail hour! Around 3 p.m. or 4 p.m., we all crash. Instead of grabbing adrenal-smacking stimulants, the new you will guzzle a large and perky green juice. If you want more, go for a handful of raw almonds or brown rice cakes with hummus, or tahini or guacamole, flax crackers, bean dip and so on. Get creative! If you’re a gal on the go, bring snacks with you. That way you won’t be tempted to stop at a mini mart or vending machine. A small travel cooler with ice packs will help keep juice and other perishables fresh. Raw nuts and seeds are also great for your desk drawer. Just don’t overdo it—these are really nutritious and a great source of good fats, but the calories can add up.
For dinner Same ratios as lunch—so simple you don’t even have to think about it. An average night at my place is super easy. My husband and I make a lovely salad with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, snap peas, hemp seeds, red onions, oil-cured olives and an easy agave mustard dressing. For the cooked portion, we make a Buddha bowl with quinoa, broccoli, chickpeas, garlic, Bragg Liquid Aminos, black pepper, cayenne and some flax oil. I serve myself a huge portion of salad (60 percent to 80 percent of my plate) and a smaller portion of the Buddha bowl (20 percent to 40 percent of my plate).
For dessert If you need it and you don’t have a major health issue or a sweet tooth that transforms you into a werewolf, a little dark chocolate (at least 70 percent), cacao pudding or a square of carob from time to time won’t kill you. Keep in mind that dessert on a regular basis will slow down the cleanse process. But if you’re going to snap without a treat, then snap off a piece of yummy and stay on track.