Cool Aid

Don’t let summer ailments sideline you. Be prepared with a natural first-aid kit.
Cool Aid
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Summer bummer » bites, stings and cuts
To the rescue » hydrogen peroxide, yarrow
tincture and latex-free bandages

+ “First, clean the bite, sting or cut with hydrogen
peroxide,” says Flint. “Then follow with a few drops of
yarrow tincture, which acts as an astringent to pull the
tissue together. It’s safe to use on open wounds.”
How to use: Douse the affected area(s) with peroxide,
then apply six to 12 drops of yarrow tincture.

Summer bummer » athlete’s foot
To the rescue » grapefruit seed extract

+ “Compounds found in the inner rind and seeds of
grapefruits have shown potent anti-fungal activity,” says
Marrone. “They attack the cell wall of fungi and prevent
replication when applied topically.”
How to use: Add 10 to 15 drops of The Original GSE to a
tablespoon of water and apply with a cotton swab to the
affected areas, twice daily.