Cool Aid

Don’t let summer ailments sideline you. Be prepared with a natural first-aid kit.
Cool Aid
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Summer bummer » poison ivy
To the rescue » homeopathic rhus tox

+ Urushiol—the oily sap produced by poison ivy and its
cousins poison oak and poison sumac—triggers contact
dermatitis, an itchy and oozy rash. Topical treatments can
actually spread the noxious oil around; instead, heal the rash
from within. “Homeopathy works on the principle that likecures-
like,” says Zand. “Rhus tox is homeopathic poison ivy.”
How to use: Allow two to three tablets to dissolve in your
mouth every two hours until symptoms are relieved.

Summer bummer » indigestion
To the rescue » nux vomica

+ If you overindulged at a summertime shindig, turn to
the classic homeopathic cure for gluttony. “Nux vomica
is good if you’ve eaten too many fatty foods or had too
much alcohol and the result is nausea or gas,” says Zand.
How to use: Dissolve five pellets in your mouth 20
minutes after eating and drinking, then use two to three
times until symptoms are resolved.