Best Homeopathic Remedies for Women

Remedies for 10 of the most common ailments women face.
Best Homeopathic Remedies for Women
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HOMEOPATHY IS IDEAL FOR WOMEN'S health complaints. Choosing the correct homeopathic remedy depends on a patient's self-awareness, and over the years in our work as homeopathic physicians, we've found that women are more in tune with their minds and bodies than most men are. On top of that, homeopathic remedies are a great choice because they are free of side effects and less expensive than conventional medicines.

To choose the right remedy for yourself, you must take a close look at your symptoms and your personality traits, including your temperament, your fears, even your cravings.

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In this guide, we present the best homeopathic remedies for 10 of the most common ailments women face. For each ailment, we suggest several remedies that have worked well for our patients. Each remedy comes with a profile of specific symptoms that it treats best. Read each profile, check off your symptoms, and take the remedy that most closely matches your situation. (For more on choosing the right remedy and how homeopathy works, see "The Basics of Homeopathy," on the last page.)

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